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I am open to all my friends but not yet to my family. I plan to tell them very soon in fact, but I think my older sister knows because she once said to me: It was quite hard when I was younger because traditional Catholic Vietnamese society was not always so open and supportive towards gays. But on the positive, a lot has since changed, which has made it easier for gay boys growing up in modern Vietnamese society.

The growth of social media apps like Grindr etc have made it a lot easier for gays to connect with each other.

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And, seeing more successful LGBT persons in the media helps society see gayness as something normal as oppose to an illness or wrong. I was quite shy and nervous about meeting other guys when I was younger. We have a drag show at Republic on Fridays and a large dance party with live music on Saturdays.

The Reverie Saigon , is in my opinion the most beautiful hotel in Saigon and very popular with gay couples. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Beautiful Saigon Boutique Hotel is a more affordable gay friendly option, also in District 1. Sadly for me, they ate all my food, took some pictures, then just abandoned me, hahahaha….

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Hi I will be in HCMC over the weekend and would be grateful if you could recommend someone who is conversant in English to show me around. Hi Larry. Sadly Quan is not a guide. But we know an excellent gay tour company in Saigon who we can introduce you to if of interest? I would like to contact Quan for a tour booking.

Can you please send me contact information. Thank you. Would love to have someone like Quan show me and my boyfriend around. How can I find someone like that? Thank you!! Hi there, nice story, lovely. Ill be visiting HCMC in february and im interested in a guide to show mie around. It ll be my first time there, so it would be very helpful for me.

Thank you in advance. Hi There!

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I would be glad to have someone to guide me around HCMC for a start. Hello dear.. Million Thanks James. Thanks a lot. Will be travelling alone to Saigon on 18 Aug, would like to know some friends who can show me round the city nd hve some beer at night.

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We can introduce you to an excellent local gay tour company if you want. Let me know if of interest. Hi there. Great article! I will be coming to Vietnam Winter and would love to link up with a gay guide. Let me know if you can help. Nice and informative article. Thank you for your help. Your blog rocks! I would like to visit Ho Chi Minh in the coming July.

Thank a lot!! Hi Stefan Me and my friend are traveling to Saigon early in July this year. We would be happy to have a guy both to show us around and give us good company.

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Would appreciate your guidance Thanks PN. If interested, complete the form in this article and you can also claim a discount if you mention us. Or let us know and we can introduce you to them. Thanks Stefan for the prompt response. Actually my friend is straight. So I would prefer people with whom even he would be comfortable. It would be great if you could introduce us to them.


Will the guide be available with us 24 x 7 We would prefer someone who can accompany us all throughout our stay. Thanks again Praveen. I am travelling to HCM in June with my family and would very much like to meet up a gay guy who is interesting to spend a day or two with us showing us around, Do you have any contact and perhaps cost of such service? Thanks for sharing this to everyone, this is very helpful!

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Thank you in advance! I am travelling to Vietnam soon and would appreciate if I could get in contact with the company! Hope to hear from you soon! Not sure if this the place to require what I want to know. I have visited Vietnam 7 times,but this time October a friend is coming with me who hates motorbikes very scared. Do you have day tours in a car for visiting outside of the city. Thanking you Ray. Hi guys, Great site and wonderful writing!

I will be in Vietnam in a few months. Can you email me with info about the Tour agency you wrote about? How did you meet locals? Any good place for a quite drink with some locals? Would love any suggestions on the night life!! Also a Grindr profile we found very helpful to connect with locals. Hello there, my name is IQI.

Was scrolling through looking for guide then I bump into this page. Thanks David. Sadly not but we can instead introduce you to an excellent gay tour company in Saigon? Sorry David tried to but each time I hit send there seems to be a problem with your email address.

If you complete the box above it may work better- and you can claim a discount on tours booked with them. Any guides you know of??

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Also any info as requested by jeremy just before ours. I am planning on visiting Vietnam soon. Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi. My partner and I will be visiting at the end of the month and are interested in the possibility of a gay guide. Hello Stefan and Sebastien great site very informative….. Hi Quan…..

Hi Isaac thanks for your info. I was in Vietnam in Feb and loved it! I am returning in Jan. Great article.