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MBs themselves are frequently drawn to some of their own customers. In these cases, it becomes complicated to separate transactions between MBs and customers from sex between two or more mutually attracted men. Liang, another MB I met during my fieldwork, said in blunt terms that he sometimes wanted to have sex with certain customers the minute they walked into the room: The question here, then, is how one defines this kind of human interaction.

It has all the elements of a hookup: Two or more individuals have casual sex due to mutual physical attraction.

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But it also fits the definition of prostitution: Sexual services are provided and compensated. Sex, work, desire, money, pleasure, intimacy — these are all components of sexual transactions, at once distinct, entangled, and compatible. After all, it is not as if intimacy or pleasure cannot coexist with monetary transactions. What if selling sex and hooking up simply cannot be separated sometimes? What if receiving money for sexual services does not exclude the possibility of mutual affection or sexual desire?

In Chinese literature, the famous female prostitute Du Shiniang allegedly threw a chest of treasure into a river , and then drowned herself, after her lover sold her to a passing merchant. In short, we are told that money and love are incompatible. But is that really so? As Liang indicates above, it is entirely possible that MBs can genuinely desire sex with their clients.

Granted, human trafficking most certainly exists — but to see that as the only reality is mistaken.

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For many MBs, selling sex and hooking up are deeply entangled. My conversation with another MB named Zhang further illustrates this point. When I asked about his daily routine, Zhang replied: It is impossible — and in my opinion unnecessary and meaningless — to try and separate them. Body five dampness points from head to toe: Massage method: Abdominal itself is necessary to warm the main, to stimulate the Shenque points help spleen dampness, strong body.

Can also be used to warm mellow moxibustion feet, feet acupuncture points for minutes. Yongquan hole by moisture invasion, will lead to knee pain, rheumatism and body fatigue, edema. Often this point helps to promote sleep, caused by dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, headache, low back pain, etc. In addition can also ignite the altar, moxibustion smoked this point.

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Stimulate the acupuncture points can help straighten out the qi, eliminate stagnation, but also Jiannao Shen God. Acupoints when the active neck, fixed above the joints that is. Dazhui acne by moisture invasion, easy to cause shoulder and neck problems such as shoulder pain and discomfort.

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Stimulate the acupuncture point to avoid the invasion of wind cold dampness, improve immunity. Yin Ling Quan points for the dampness points, located in the medial calf, tibial medial condyle in the lower depression. Using a sitting or supine position, from the bottom of the knee to explore the direction of the knee, in the knee inside the big bones encountered part.

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If the acupuncture point by moisture invasion, there will be knee pain, feet bulky, walking a sense of sluggish. Stimulate the acupuncture points can be achieved Qinghua hot and humid, through the meridian effect, to help relieve bloating, knee pain and other discomfort. As mentioned above, many people have a variety of diseases, and the body is closely related to moisture, and people usually want to find the body there is moisture, you can from their daily performance To understand, therefore, once we found that the body has moisture, it is necessary to remove it in a timely manner.

Maybe someone asked the SPA what is it? About ten years ago, most people do not know why the object! Can be in today, SPA has emerged in every corner of Chengdu women's life, whether you are in the street, on television, the network and other media platforms can see the word SPA. SPA a variety of advertising comparable to the Yangtze River before the wave of waves, a wave comparable to a wave of strong, flowers contend!

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SPA in this trend, become a modern Chengdu woman's leisure way, no doubt will accompany them along with the shadow! Accompanied by the popularity of SPA, chengdu coolifespa also quietly become a modern fashion woman in Chengdu, fashion leader! With the continued popularity of the opposite sex SPA, has also become part of the urban women's maintenance. For the pursuit of fashionable woman, the opposite sex spa is not only a relaxation, but also a maintenance skin care, beauty beauty a good choice, or a particularly elegant fashion quality of life to enhance. But because it is a male technician to do SPA massage, the opposite sex spa is also bound by the traditional concept, resulting in a lot of people misunderstood, suspicion.

SPA, the process of continuous innovation, but also keep up with the trend of the times! Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage services in chengdu,we have gay men,male and female massage service. On the massage and its healing effect, the ancients have long known, as in the "Su asked the pain theory," said: This section of the ancient classic medical books to explain the alien cold evil invasion of the human body after the back of the acupoints, which led to the meridians of the wet and dizzy, poor blood operation, injustice pain, because of the composition of the back pain, and even induced heartache, massage can make the meridians Dredge, blood circulation, and make part of the warm, the case does not hurt, hot is slow, can drive cold pain.

This fully elucidated that the ancients thought that massage is through the meridian acupuncture points to adjust the balance between the various organs of the organs, to speed up their efforts to correct all kinds of damage in order to reach the intention of disease prevention and treatment. Massage The detailed effects of the following points.

Massage can strengthen the excretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, eradication of epithelial cells falling off, improve skin metabolism, soften the scar, enhance the body's defense function; together can enhance the skin's luster and elasticity, delay skin aging. Has an excellent effect of wrinkle, Xiaoban. Other massage can not only make the skin capillaries enlarged, the temperature is added, but also part of the deep arrangement of the temperature to add, so massage can soften and release the skin and subcutaneous adhesion arrangements.

Such as Mo Fa, kneading method, wipe method, beat method and so on. Has a better effect of eliminating the skin scar. The body after high-intensity exercise, because the metabolism of the central product of a lot of lactate seizures, deposition in the muscle arrangement, showing muscle spasms pain and fatigue and other scenes. If the fatigue of the muscles for proper massage, you can promote the loss of lactic acid and discharge, so that pain relief, fatigue elimination.

Massage together can enhance the tension and elasticity of the muscles, to shorten the function of enhanced and muscle strength can be used in the elderly skin, muscle loose his health care, especially on the improvement of the role of women is more obvious. When the bone and joint damage, because of muscle and joint inactivity, part of the blood circulation is slow, lymphatic stagnation, arrhythmia episodes of edema, fibrinate exudate fiber composition of the "glue", and then attacked, Dysfunction, muscle rendering atrophy atrophy.

Appropriate massage can make the blood, lymph circulation faster, edema, adhesions loose, dysfunction of the joint energy can gradually increase the range of activities, to reach normal or close to the normal physiological function. So massage in the bone and joint damage and the prevention and treatment of senile osteoarthritis and have a very important clinical significance.

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Massage method of the pull method, drawing method, according to law and other methods of joint disorders and fractures have an excellent effect of the whole rectification. Such as cervical spondylosis of the blood vessels or nerve compression can be through the massage of the regimen, adjust the structure of the lesion joints, so that nerve, vascular compression performance is eliminated or reduced. Another example is the lumbar disc disease patients can be massage method in the pull method, pull method, shake method to make the outstanding nucleus of the nucleus or change the nerve root and nucleus of the azimuthal link to reach or reduce the nerve root compression performance.

Massage in the treatment of acute pain in patients with the role is also very obvious, such as lumbar synovial incarcerated incarcerated, the patient will show the performance of low back pain, massage method can also play a successful effect. Massage also has a loose release arrangements and reduce the effect of contracture, such as shoulder muscle bond adhesion caused by frozen shoulder, can be used in the massage method of plucking, plate method, shake the law to release adhesions, rehabilitation function.

There are tendon damage or spinal cord injury and even hemiplegia patients, usually showing muscle contracture, can use the massage in the probe, pinching method to contracture tendon rehabilitation or reduce.

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Massage parts and specific acupuncture points and the back of the bladder by the acupoints can improve and conditioning the function of the blood circulation system. Test confirmed that massage can add the number of capillaries, increase the diameter, so that greatly improved blood circulation.

Together with the disease can also promote the reconstruction of vascular network, rehabilitation of the vascular wall elasticity, improve the function of the pipeline smooth, reduce the external friction of blood activity, improve myocardial oxygen supply, strengthen the heart function. So massage is high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cerebral blood supply and other diseases to prevent and cure one of the main ways. Chinese medicine also thought that massage with blood circulation, Sanjie analgesic effect. Massage can make the gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension, stretch, shortening force to add, and then speed up gastrointestinal activity; together through the role of sympathetic nerve, so that the distribution of internal organs of the nerve to promote gastrointestinal digestive juice excretion.

It is worth mentioning that massage Zusanli points on the digestive system has a positive and inhibitory effect of the two-way conditioning, increased gastric activity, massage Zusanli usually weaken the stomach activity, and when the stomach activity weakened, the massage is enhanced. Massage can reduce the surrounding sensory nerve slightly excited, it is often used for pain, such as neuritis, neuralgia and so on.

Lighter approach can also stimulate the motor nerve, improve muscle excitability; heavy law used to cure muscle spasms, but also to promote the rehabilitation of the damage function. Abdominal massage can be the role of autonomic nerve, affecting the digestive gland excretion, enhance digestion and absorption and conditioning gastrointestinal activity. Back-shu of the massage treatment, can be through the nerve reflex, affecting the spinal cord and brain conditioning function, and then make the function of the corresponding organ changes.

Such as lung Yu on the respiratory system, spleen, stomach Yu on the digestive system, eight points on the role of the genitourinary system.