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I have to because I have a very busy autumn. I have a big show in Moscow.

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I have a lot of plans. For your own country you will always be the winner. We really did a great job. William Lee Adams is the founder and editor-in-chief of wiwibloggs. You can follow him on Instagram williamleeadams , Twitter willyleeadams and Facebook. Keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by liking our Facebook page and by following the team on Twitter wiwibloggs. Maru fr Pfff… no??? LOL https: Some haters still cannot calm down, it is not a dizaster. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. What do you want from him?? He is a singer but not the politician!!!

Or maybe he has to be engaged in political activity? Take him Now!!! LOL Otherwise he will be absolutely inaccessible for you! Well, I find him awful. The personality, the image, and the song. Different strokes for different folks though. I would rather see a interview of Young Georgian Lolitaz or Highway on this site. Great rock music. We need more of that in ESC, and it was great to hear them this year. Best moment of this year, was when Georgia qualified. I have never heard him talking supportive about it on a social basis. His private life is not concerning me at all.

And I believe many of them, including Sergey, use it properly. But we are talking about private life. Famous people are humans too. Sergey is a class act. Less classy are his fans who only admire him for his gym-honed body. He must have a rest before he goes on. After that he must have an opportunity to do what he feels like to do. Famous people has a power to reach a big population , it is easier for them to point out the social injustices.

Gay viewers of OUTtv predict Russia to be the winner of Eurovision 2016

I say they should use this power effectively and give hope to other people. If you are not concerning social problems though you are a famous singer then that means you are wasting your fame and your power. I am sooo happy that Sergey is Russian… He is a prominent and unforgettable artist and a great personality.

Iberian Why is he expected to do what you want him to do whatever he is?

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  7. Bth hank you for not using his name this time since before this you intendedly misspelled it not once. Name is name and your guesses are your guesses. I in person get insulted if my name is misspelled though is is just Natalia or Natalja the 1st is correct without any affiliation.

    What about the fans who are not gay then….?

    Eurovision's Sergey Lazarev: Gay life exists in Russia

    Not by far! But now you really take those silly stereotypes too far. Yasssss daddy u tell them ladyboy looking kaweeens! I watched this year and most of the songs sounded very generic. Sweden, Australia and France were great too.

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    I was surprised by the Ukraine win. I gotta respect the ability of the Russian Govt to keep a straight face while putting their marketing spin on that adult video. I wish he had won now just to see the sh1tstorm! Sweden is not very gay-friendly either. Name me one openly gay Swedish male performer.

    Sergey Lazarev came up with a story about his son and stopped hiding boyfriend

    Europe is not really gay-friendly at all. Homosexual men are shunned or minimized by the system. But other countries like Sweden, Germany, Holland, Norway etc are not particularly gay-friendly. You never see two men holding hands and walking down the street in these countries. Personally I was hoping for Belgium or the UK to win. Yes politics did win the day again. Russian men are sexy and I love the accent.

    Here you go! Russians are filthy animals, spending my youth in communist cuba I was often exposed to the vileness of the Russian guest worker. Russian spreading their communist crap. It gets even better not from the queerty perspective, but from the political perspective. Thus causing heads in the Kremlin to explode.

    Sergey gay dating

    All in all, a good year for Eurovision. Ok, the best version of the finale is already gone from youtube for copywrite reasons, but this will give you a better idea, the other video was cut https: If only somebody had invented the internet. He is incredibly cute, is talented, is gay friendly, and hates nasty politicians. I would never say NIET to him. Sergey has long been one of my favorite artists. I discovered him about 10 years ago when youtube was in its infancy.

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    This song is good, but he has better ones out there. I wish he had won, regardless of where he is from. He was pretty young in it. That was the mmost stupid comment i heard…i can mention dozens of openly gay or bi or lesbia artist in Sweden…perhaps they are only known in Sweden…but they are still here! And holding hands in Sweden is not so commen among heterosexuals either…we dont easily show feelings! But Eurovision did not crown him as a winner even though he won all the popular votes, but gave it to some Muslim wailing woman who resembled a witch, Br…..

    I was surprised too, but well she won and good for her and Ukraine…. Why the kremlin tried to hide it I never know I dont get why anyone can delete any history after its been downloaded unless u thank everyone person that has downloaded this video.

    Stay Connected - Russian

    I watch a bbc doc called inside russia with reggie yates brill docu. As there are many gay Russians that escape from being assaulted or hit or verbally abused there are many former gay Russians than leave for Canada were leaving for us until trump was coming in the UK and Europe too. Yet putin is not taken any notice of the living hell fellow gay bi also transgende?

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