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Look at Overwatch. Blizzard very much does want to put diversity in their games. Second of all: Anduin never showed interest in a Draenei woman. That's an incorrect idea people often type hyperbole about when grasping at straws for some excuse to make Anduin seem not gay.

What he did do, was make note of how gracefully a Draenei's fingers moved when she cast a spell.

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That's it. That's the gayest way you could admire at a woman. Anduin Wrynn, even as he hit puberty, has never shown interest in a woman. A teenage male hasn't shown attraction.

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But he has formed a very close bond with one person his age. They sat on a beach alone together, discussed how close they feel, and then this person playfully offered to take Anduin on their back and run away together. Yes, that literally happened. So, there is no canon example of Anduin being into women, but there are multiple instances of tender moments between him and another male his age. If that doesn't point at "gay" to you, you are heavily in denial.

Stop making up gross, straight-pandering fanfic. What affect does it have on you if he's gay? We get to know you personally through our online Relationship Questionnaire.

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Once matched, review your matches, and choose the payment plan you prefer. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: There is no pattern, this is just a collection of dabbles that I have no room for and don't have the heart to get rid of. So, here they mostly are. This is just the story dump so doesn't matter!

There is no particular fandom. This is a very NSFW post, there are a lot of sexual situations, few non-consensual and particular violence. Please be advised before reading.

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I don't want to hurt anyone, or cause stress! Read at own risk.

Warcraft 3 TFT - PE Gay Bar #1

You have been warned. Literally my first time posting anything like this. I have no beta reader so I'm sorry if there's mistakes. I hope you enjoy all the shit I have planned for Lana.

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Badly wounded and caught in a blizzard, the Forsaken mage Sarah is separated from her friend, the orc shaman Dor'ash, when he surrenders himself to a draenei paladin to protect Sarah. She tries to follow, staggering blindly through the storm as an outside will, long supressed, begins to rise up and reach out from deep within her. She heals him because he protects her. He protects her because she heals him.