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What Tinder does have going for it, lady love-wise, is that because it pulls profile information from Facebook without advertising your every dating move , you can see friends you have in common — often a big comfort factor for women whether straight, lesbian, or bi.

So, is Tinder gay friendly? We give it a resoundingly lukewarm maybe.

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Lesbian Dating. Discuss This! Final Analysis: You just got in the community. And you are really not in the community. For context, I identify as queer, a term I define as an umbrella that covers all the other letters of LGBTQ and allows me to exist as not straight and happy about it.

I’m Not “Gay Enough” For The Lesbians, So Where Do I Fit?

Being queer leaves room for my dating experiences thus far and whatever I may choose as moving forward. Then in a moment of disagreement about the state of gentrification in New York City or what appetizer to order, my sexuality gets angrily thrown in my face as a point of disgust, unattractiveness, and mockery of how not gay enough I am to breathe the same air as the very women who I have chosen to be with. We tend to look for community through sameness, finding kinship with people who seem to be just like us.

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  • My identification as queer is purposeful as I find myself not quite one thing. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

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    18 Things Lesbians Never Want to Hear

    Coachella By Trish Bendix. By Matt Baume. Queer Media Training: American Boys:

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