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While Logo is billing this as a first-of-its-kind show, it is really only the first gay dating show to feature an all-gay cast. On that show, bachelor James Getzlaff had to choose between a field of 15 guys, some of whom were gay and some of whom were straight.

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If one of the straight men could dupe Getzlaff into falling in love with him, he won a cash prize. He then chose a gay suitor in whom he was less interested in order to keep the straight man from winning his prize.

Getzlaff and his suitor officially ended their relationship two months after the finale aired. The show received considerable scorn from gay activists and critics who found the twist cruel and duplicitous. There will be none of that on Finding Prince Charming, which comes at a very different time for the gay community. Now that gay marriage is legal and Lance Bass can have his own gay wedding special on E!

Are You Ready for a Gay Dating Reality Show Like You’ve Never Seen Before?

Topics US television. Television LGBT rights blogposts. On it, one man would try to find love with one of the other contestants on the show. Yes, it's very similar to the The Bachelor and The Bachelorette , but this time, it's a man seeking a man. This isn't the first gay dating show that would be Bravo's Boy Meets Boy , but it is the first dating show with only gay men; Bravo's included both gay and straight contestants, to shake things up, and the final prize was money and a trip to New Zealand , not true love.

Finding Prince Charming is here to fix that — the producers hope.

And, none other than Lance Bass is here to help. We also get the first look at the hopeful bachelor, a. He is, according to the clip, "ready to put his heart on the line.

Let's check out a few of the contestants, too, shall we? Here's Paul, another Southern guy, who launched a luxury tanning salon. In his off time, he is a Sunday school teacher.

"Finding Prince Charming" will be hosted by Lance Bass and air this fall.

Then there's Jasen, the New York makeup artist who is "a good time" and totally over the online dating game. And then there's Justin, the model from Seattle. Meet the rest of the cast, here. The series premieres September 8.