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The best 4 hours of this week,for sure. Everything is beautiful bro! Oh my gosh this game is so adorable. I've barely made it past the bro test but I'm already completely enthralled. Amazing game and the drawings are sweet! My heart fluttered Loved the chemistry between the two main characters. Loved it. However the save button was much missed. It made my experience of playing the game more stressful. Thank you for this experience anyway!

I was definitely not expecting this game to be as amazing as it is. The title is very misleading.

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The humor was perfect and actually made me laugh, which is a bit difficult to do, and it was a surprisingly sweet game for how many times I was punched. Thank you for creating this honest to god masterpiece. Enjoyed this game alot, although the fact that when you messed up you had to replay the game from start thank god for the skip option was just a bit tiring although it had a weird charm , the story was really fun and the characters were fucking amazing. I am in love, I didn't think I'd go through that kind of emotional rollercoaster while playing this, all the character are so adorable and I might've cried a lil bit-.

Hi, I've played this a bit.


I like it so far, and I can respect the fact that you don't want to include a save system. I loved this game soo much!! Ayy, check this out: How did you know i liked getting punched in the face and also i'm upset about the sex scene! I'm from Soulsoft Electronic arts. Would this be something you'd be up to participate in or even co-host?


I made a thread on LSF with more details here: I'm really trying to see if this is a viable jam that people would even want. I hope so! I'll obviously be submitting an entry as well. That was a great game. No, honestly, it was fantastic. Did not expect to actually like getting punched in the face so much???

I think I can no recite every answer that won't get me punched, off by heart. Surprisingly, my only issue isn't with restarting the game every time I get punched - I just sort of want a save sort of thing, because I don't have a lot of time to play games. This is obviously my persona issue, but I'm just saying this because I have to keep multiple tabs open if I want to do anything other than the game I'm a busy person ha , and it really slows my already slow computer down.

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Frustrating, lol, but I suppose that's the game - I don't mind starting over, it's fun! Just my personal problem there, I suppose. Just saying, I love the art and the music and pretty much everything about this game? From the meme references, random answers to questions, the love of c a t s, everything - and I'm pleasantly surprised that you plan to update it so much with more routes!!!

I can't pay for this - I'm a broke chinese kid and itch. There totally should be one?? So you can process the fact that you have messed up and slam your face on the keyboard before Etsuji punches you again???? And I look forward to seeing more content from yu, dude, for a first game this is insanely good, you must have been working ridiculously hard on it before release. The story is so good and also so emotional But there is no save options so it's kinda hard to start over from the begging but the funny thing is I'm do it over and over again just to see the good ending AND there is no reason to say this is the worst dating sim I really really love this game xD.

Am I only one who have this problem '-'?? Can I fix this?? How to fix it '-'?? I played this a while back, i think when i first getting into visual novels n games and??? It's still one of my favourite games!!! It's so well done, the concept is simple but so engaging and just bjakdfsgvhb??? The characters are just so amazingand it's so easy to completely fall in love with them and anyways i just rlly think this a god like game!! No saves are the worst.

Unexpected bad ends are the worst. This game is the worst and I could not stop myself until I finished it. Seriously entertaining story cleverly hidden behind annoying mechanics. This is hilarious: No save feature is frustrating, but otherwise I mean, it's not even I can believe I'm still playing! And I've started hours ago! Hi author, I am a foreigner with low English ability. I really LOVE this game , not only the art but also the fantastic dialogue!

You must had lots of weed for writing this! But in spite of I have tried so many time and have spent lots of time on the dictionary, I still got bad end. I just want to have sex with this fucking sexy guy! Thanks for making this great game!

I saw your hint somewhere and finally finished the game! But I still can't fuck with Etsuji! I actually fucking enjoyed this game, but so salty because i'm just a huge sappy person and when I thought would be a great answer, WHAM! Also, I don't care about the save file anymore, it's worth it to play the thing over and over, I really do fucking appreciate this game. Those titties though OOF! A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In modern day Japan there lives two rival gangs: Spurious and Kosher.

Thank you for reading! More information. Install instructions Please unzip the file into a folder if you're having trouble opening the game. Aug 16, Jan 24, Comments Log in with itch. Mukjz 11 days ago. Awesome game. Will there be a android version? Who are we gonna commission for the tracks? I have been in contact with a local professional music composer in my country unfortunately, you can't find him on the net. He's pretty flexible, and he has the ability to make different kinds of music I have seen his portfolio, and they are amazing.

For now, we are still unsure on what direction our music should go, whether to go to Persona-like vocalized BGM we all have to agree that they sound cool, but will it match Seiyuu Danshi's overall feel? Now, let's talk about voice acting. This might disappoint you guys, but we will not add voice acting unless we reach the stretch goal for it.

The current goal is the bare minimum we need to finish the game, and adding voice acting will require more funding and will push the development time further voice acting is not easy to implement, especially when the game's dialogs are scrambled here and there, like in Seiyuu Danshi xD.

Legend of Rune: A BL / Yaoi Visual Novel RPG by YesterJoy Games — Kickstarter

We might be able to recruit hobbyist instead for free, but bad voice acting is even worse than no voice acting at all, in our opinion, and thus we have decided to postpone it until we receive enough funding to do so. We hope for your understanding. If we meet the voice acting goal, the cast will be decided by backers voting those with [Complete Digital Pack] tier and above via private forum. We will post some of the auditions that we find qualify for the minimum requirements, and we will let you guys decide whom to choose from there. Voice in the Kickstarter video is only finalized for the video itself, so even MC's voice can still be changed.

I think that's all that we can say for now. If you want to ask things, go ahead and ask us whether on our social media or the Kickstarter's comment page! We don't bite! Any tweets containing SeiyuuDanshi hashtag will be counted towards reaching the goal! Once the goal has been reached, we will create additional contents, which is 4-koma chibi manga and childhood pics of our characters.

Hope it serves as an incentive to help spread word about this!